Senior Class Giving

Senior Class Giving

What is the Senior Class Giving Campaign?

The Senior Class Giving Campaign exists to educate seniors on the crucial need for private donations to Elon while also encouraging them to begin their support of the university. This happens by way of the student members of the Senior Class Giving Committee who reach out to fellow classmates to encourage them to give back to whichever department, program or organization had the biggest impact on their life at Elon.

Why should I give?

Think about your time at Elon.

Your winter term or semester studying abroad, catching up with President Lambert at college coffee, undergraduate research, the Turkey Trot, studying in a private room in Belk…...Got it?

Now take that experience and think about it being 20% less of what it was. Your tuition only covers 80% of the cost of your education. That solely includes the cost of maintaining Elon as is. No new lab equipment, no renovation to sports fields, no increase in scholarships, and no new strives in sustainability. Nothing.

Just as college tuition is an investment in yourself, your gift is an investment in Elon. Without donations in addition to tuition, current students wouldn’t have the Numen Lumen Pavilion, Hunt Softball Park or the Watson Odyssey Scholarship program. Future classes would not have the Inman Admissions Welcome Center and other new projects currently in the works. Private donations also support and sustain the five Elon Experiences, helping prepare you and your classmates to be lifelong learners and global citizens.

What should I give to?

Make a thoughtful gift to, well, just about anything. You have the ability to choose from hundreds of designations around campus. Anything from student scholarships, athletics, specific majors, departments or even Greek life. Simply choose where your gift could make the greatest difference and CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR GIFT NOW! 

For questions, contact Chandler Thompson, Coordinator of Annual Giving, at

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