The Buzz

Lindsay Gross Hege '04

Being a member of the Elon Alumni Association is a benefit you receive just for graduating from Elon! It entitles you to receive The Magazine of Elon, Notes From the Nest, invitations to regional chapter events, and lots of other benefits. If you haven’t visited our alumni Web site recently, I encourage you to check it out to see all the great things planned for our alumni:

In order for us to keep you up to date on all these amazing benefits, we need to stay connected to you! Please make sure you are keeping your e-mail address, mailing address, and employment information up to date at

Another great way to stay connected to Elon is to become one of our featured alums! We can feature your life or work in our Notes From the Nest columns, or on our new blog “Meet the Alum.” Just fill out our Where In the World form online to sign up.

We invite you to stay involved with campus life by coming back to Homecoming, October 23-25. With our Young Alumni Party on Friday night, reunions for the Class of 1999 and the Class of 2004, this is the place to be! Watch for a Homecoming schedule to be released soon and have a great summer.

Corner Office

Brian Gill ’05

Brian Gill ’05 is working hard to keep you safe! As a police officer in Freehold, NJ, Brian is an expert on ways you can protect yourself. Here are his safety tips:

1. In an emergency, dial 911: The first words out of your mouth should be the location of the emergency. That way, if you get disconnected, they know where to send help.

2. Burglars do not like confrontation: Make them think you are home by leaving lights on using separate timers. Ask your neighbors to use your driveway and take in your mail, and request a “vacant house check” from your local police department.

3. ID check: Contrary to what you may have read, you MUST present your ID to any law enforcement officer upon request. Failure to do so may result in your arrest or detention.

4. Drinking and driving is still dangerous, expensive and just plain stupid: The average cab fare is only $20. The average DUI case costs more than $12,000. And you thought your student loans were high!

5. If you have Facebook or MySpace, use the highest privacy setting: This will prevent strangers from contacting you or using your information. Identity theft is the newest, easiest way to steal!

Top 5 to Thrive

Geoff Childs ’06

Meet Todd Harra ’04, a mortician working in Wilmington, DE, who is attending the American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service to get his funeral director’s license.

During his four years in the business, he has been actively involved with the Men of Mortuaries, a national company that raises money for a breast cancer foundation. Here are some of Todd’s thoughts on the industry…

1. Dispelling a popular myth: Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a depressing job. In fact, it is a very rewarding one, helping people through one of the toughest times in their lives.

2. The people you meet: You’d be surprised who you meet at a funeral (even in a small town). I regularly run into Elon alumni, current students, and wide-eyed prospective students.

3. Men and makeup: My favorite question is “Do you do the cosmetics?” Are you kidding? Of course!

4. Most unique situation: I was sitting outside a church during a funeral when two guys pulled out guns about 20 yards away from me. It was like an old western shootout, except with gangbangers. They were really lousy shots. Nobody got hurt.

5. The job: You have to be very versatile in this industry, especially working for a small business. It’s not a typical 9-to-5 job. I haven’t had a dull day yet, I promise.

Back in the Bubble

Elon Alumni Association

Now that a new class of graduates has joined the Elon Alumni Association, we gear up for a fun year of alumni events!

• GET TAGGED! Join our newest alumni benefit program by sending your business card to the alumni office, where we will turn it into a special luggage tag just for you!

• Did you know that Elon has travel programs just for alumni? You can sign up for our Young Alumni Weekend of Service in DC June 6-7 or for our Fall in New England trip October 16-19.

• Elon graduates continue to grow in number and national recognition. Check out our 119th Commencement weekend.

• Did you know that Young Alumni of Elon have their own group on Facebook? Did you know you can follow our elonalumni Twitter for alumni news? How about our LinkedIn group for professional networking? Join these groups today!

• Elon students need your help! Join the Elon Career Network to become a networking resource for current students. You can also do searches and make networking connections yourself!

• Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we stop the fun! Join us at our fun alumni events around the country this summer.

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