Elon University Class Reunions

What class years are celebrating class reunions at Homecoming 2015?

Class years ending in 5 and 0 are celebrating milestone class reunions at Homecoming.

My class is celebrating a milestone reunion this year! How can I help?

You can help by volunteering to serve on your class reunion committee. Class reunion committees and volunteers will be crucial in the planning and success of the reunion. Volunteers will be asked to contact members of their class to encourage attendance at Homecoming and participation in their class reunion giving efforts.

Want more information on how you can volunteer to be on your class reunion committee? Visit your class reunion page by clicking the link in the giving/participation table below. 

Reunion Year  Participation RateTOTAL                 
Reunion Zero, Class of 2015 12%  
5th Reunion, Class of 2010 7% $12,636
10th Reunion, Class of 2005 4% $133,130
15th Reunion, Class of 2000 4% $10,829
20th Reunion, Class of 1995 5% $21,656
25th Reunion, Class of 1990 2% $4,133
30th Reunion, Class of 1985 6% $16,506
35th Reunion, Class of 1980 5% $7,577
40th Reunion, Class of 1975 9% $39,435
45th Reunion, Class of 1970 7% $362,085
50th Reunion, Class of 1965
Elon's Golden Alumni
10% $9,270

*Table reflects all gifts from 6/1/2014 to 11/4/2014

Why should I volunteer?

By actively volunteering with Elon, the university asks alumni leaders to remain connected and engaged with the university. Through this mutually-beneficial relationship, alumni leaders and volunteers fill critical roles…

…as a lifelong PARTNER with Elon, remaining connected and involved with the university as well as staying informed and knowledgeable on news and happenings about Elon.

…as a lifelong ADVOCATE, encouraging engagement with Elon among fellow graduates, facilitating internship and job opportunities for Elon students and alumni, and promoting Elon among prospective students and their families.

…as a lifelong INVESTOR, supporting Elon annually through charitable gifts in support of the university’s priorities, and investing in today’s students.

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