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Lindsay Gross Hege '04

Now is a great time of year to reconnect with Elon and fellow alumni, including attending a regional alumni chapter event, sporting your Elon luggage tag when you travel or catching up with alumni friends. To help friends reconnect, Elon is gathering information for a new alumni directory, which will be available in 2010. Please call our friends at Harris Connect to update your information today!

Do you have a really exciting job? Travel to exciting places around the globe? Participate in rewarding service? Check out our Meet the Alum blog. If you want to be a featured blogger, Turn yourself in today!

President Lambert has invited alumni to read and comment on the university’s new strategic plan, “The Elon Commitment, ” which details Elon’s goals through 2020. The plan seeks to take Elon to new levels of excellence in academics, athletics, diversity and global engagement, alumni leadership, facilities and financial support. Alumni may read and comment on the plan online.

Have you become a member of IGNITE, Elon’s young alumni giving program? Join today and attend one of our regional IGNITE NITES around the country.

Corner Office

Meet Bekah Huie ’04, a travel sales executive with Doonbeg Golf Club located in Co. Clare, Ireland. Bekah lives in Charleston, S.C., and books amazing Irish vacations for clients in the U.S. She offers the following expert tips on how to get the most from your winter vacation:

• Use an upscale, accredited travel agent. They still exist (at little or no cost to you) and can get you some great deals.

•Make sure you factor in the exchange rate for any international travel. Depending on the currency used and the exchange rate, you may need to budget twice as much as you had planned to spend in U.S. dollars.

• Research your destination/hotel for reviews and reputation. Tripadvisor and other review sites provide wonderful information based on service and standard levels.

•A favorite personal tip:! Use this Web site before booking any flights. It allows you to look up a specific aircraft and read a review about every seat on the plane. Especially for long or international flights, it will ensure you don't pick a miserable seat.

Top 5 to Thrive

Meet Katie Kuekes ’09, who is living in Frankfurt, Germany. Shortly after graduation, she landed a position with LCMS World Mission as the Eurasia Communications Specialist. She travels around Europe and Russia taking photos and writing stories about mission activities. Here are her top five tips about finding unique opportunities wherever you go…

1. Leave no stone unturned: Don't just follow the crowd to mainstream jobs; look outside the box for more opportunities.

2. A smile is cross-cultural: You'll need help along the way, so ask with a smile and you'll probably get what you want.

3. Put down the camera and enjoy the view: A picture says a thousand words, but the memory of enjoying the sights is what you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

4. Don't underestimate the power of preparation: Going into a cross-cultural meeting or job with some knowledge of who will be there makes everyone more comfortable.

5. Try everything once: Dances, languages, traditions, foods, but make no promises about trying everything twice!

Back in the Bubble

• Your Elon education is growing more valuable every day! Check out our new MBA national rankings and the vote by the Phi Beta Kappa Society to establish a new Phi Beta Kappa chapter at Elon.

Volunteer to come back to Elon for our “Destination…” series and share with Elon students what life is like in your city. During February and March, we will feature alumni panels from Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Washington, D.C., NYC and Boston.

• As our Phoenix football team continued to make news with its winning season, Elon broke ground on the new Alumni Field House at Rhodes Stadium.

• The Pendulum, Elon’s student newspaper, won the 2009 national Pacemaker Award. Did you know you can have The Pendulum delivered right to your home?

• Looking for the best place to get Elon gear? Join the Campus Shop Facebook page to get insider e-mails about sales and deals.

• If you missed Homecoming, check out this photo gallery of all the fun weekend events. Mark your calendars for Homecoming 2010, November 12-14.

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