Elon Alumni Association

Student Alumni Council

Launched in December 2010, the Student Alumni Council (SAC) fosters the traditions of the Elon experience and prepares the student body for their LifELONg relationship with the university as a partner, advocate and investor of Elon. As SAC's motto states, you are "students today, alumni forever."

The SAC, as an extension of the Office of Alumni Engagement, will:

  • develop future alumni who serve as Elon partners, advocates and investors
  • provide opportunities to deepen lifELONg connections to the university
  • educate current students about Elon's traditions, history and the importance of alumni giving
  • promote and instill student loyalty and pride
  • provide opportunities to network with Elon alumni and hone professional and social skills necessary for life after graduation.

Interested in getting involved? Contact Mimi Merliss '15 at mmerliss@elon.edu or the Office of Alumni Engagement at alumni@elon.edu.

Staff Advisors

Jordan Bacharach '09
Coordinator of Young Alumni and Student Engagement