Elon Phoenix

NCAA Compliance

Message to Alumni, Parents and Friends

Elon University has a rich history of success in intercollegiate athletics. Not only is the university committed to building on that history, but the institution is also committed to maintaining a high level of integrity throughout its athletic program. To be sure that you are doing your part in helping the Phoenix win the right way, there are rules set by the NCAA membership that all alumni, parents and friends should be aware of. By assisting Elon in rules compliance, you are not only contributing to the integrity of our program, but you are also protecting the eligibility of our student-athletes.

This page is designed to help you familiarize yourself with NCAA regulations, and also to clear up some of the confusion you may have about what the rules say. Always ask before you act, and if you have any questions, please contact Clay Hassard in the Elon Athletics Compliance Office at 336-278-6707.


Clay Hassard

Clay Hassard
Sr. Associate Athletic Director
Compliance and Campus Relations
(336) 278-6707

Kyle Ostendorf

Kyle Ostendorf
Compliance and Academic Assistant
(336) 278-6800