Elon Phoenix


Only Elon University coaches who have successfully completed the NCAA Recruiting Rules Examination on an annual basis may be involved in the recruitment process. Representatives of our athletics interest may not make any recruiting contacts. This includes; letters, e-mails, telephone calls or face-to-face contact with a prospect or the prospect’s parents.
• You may forward information about prospective student-athletes to the appropriate coaching staff.
• You may have contact with a prospect regarding permissible pre-enrollment activities such as summer employment, provided the prospect has already signed a National Letter of Intent and the Compliance Office is aware that you are making these contacts in regard to employment arrangements.
• You may have a telephone conversation with a prospect only if the prospect initiates the call. Institutional staff member may not prearrange such a call and you are not permitted to have a recruiting conversation, but may exhibit normal civility. You must refer any questions about Elon's athletics program to an athletics department staff member or coach.
• You may view a prospect’s athletic contest at your own initiative provided you do not contact the prospect or his/her parents. In addition, you may not contact the prospect’s coach, principal or guidance counselor in an attempt to evaluate the prospect.
• You may continue established relationships with friends and neighbors of prospects. Contacts with sons or daughters of these families are permitted as long as they are not made for recruiting purposes or encouraged by Elon coaches.