These steps will show you how to export a “Print Ready” pdf from InDesign.

(The first thing you must consider before starting to create your document is any image that will be used in the document must be of print quality with a minimum resolution of 300. Photos can be adjusted in photoshop under the “Image” tab. Any image “copied” from the Web/Internet will not be “print quality”)

Step 1
Check your Indesign file to make sure there are “No Errors” and you see a green light. Bottom left of image below. (All errors must be cleared before exporting a pdf)


Step 2
Click “File”
Choose “Export”
Choose a filename and location to save the pdf.
Click “Save”

Step 3
When the “Export Adobe PDF” Window opens confirm that all settings are like the below images (Note there are tabs on the left of the window to navigate the different screens)
First is the “General” tab. See below


Next Tab (Compression) See image below


Marks and Bleeds (If your document has “Bleed” please check “Crop Marks” and “Use Document Bleed Settings”
NO BLEED                                                                                                                            



Output (see image below)

Step 4
That is all you need to do. The rest of the tabs have a default setting that will work fine.

Click “Export” to finish creating your pdf.

NOTE: Always open your newly created pdf and check it before sending it for printing.


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