Elon University
P.O. Box 398
Elon, NC 27244
(online bill and payment site)
toll free 877-729-3566

Safety/Traffic (336) 278-5555
Library (336) 278-6600
Health Services (336) 278-7230

Financial Planning (336) 278-7640, (800) 334-8448 option 2
Housing(336) 278-7300
Registrar(336) 278-6677
  1. All accounts are payable or to be covered by financial aid or other arrangements by January 6, 2017 for pre-registered students. Students who have pre-registered and taken care of their account by January 6, 2017 will avoid registration lines. THIS IS A FIRM DEADLINE DATE. Students will receive verification of completed registration from the registrar.
    To make payment and review account information, please use our online site https://ebill.elon.edu. Our payment system uses encryption technology to ensure that only approved Elon University employees have access to your confidential information.
    If you do not know your login information, please scroll down to the bottom of the main page to retrieve.

  2. If a student does not take care of his or her account by January 6, they may be required to attend registration on January 27. The registrar’s office will notify those students who must attend registration. Failure to complete registration by 3:30 PM on January 27 will result in the cancellation of pre-registered classes.

  3. If you are paying an amount different from the one shown due on the statement, email bursar@elon.edu to notify us of how any difference is being handled.

  4. If you have a question regarding financial aid and awards, traffic tickets, library fines, health service charges, oranything regarding a residence hall room or apartment, please contact those offices directly at the numbers listed above.

  5. Please note- If a scholarship, loan or payment plan contract generates a credit, a refund cannot be given until the moneyhas actually been received by Elon. In some cases a credit may show on the bill for registration purposes, even though themoney has not been received.

  6. Students with Perkins and Elon loans, and Stafford loans disbursed by paper check, must sign the promissory notes and checks no later than the end of the first week of classes. If checks are not signed by January 6, 2017 the university may be required to return them to the lender for cancellation of the loan. Loans may be signed in the Bursar’s Office. First time Stafford loan borrowers must complete loan entrance counseling before funds can be applied to the student account. Counseling may be completed online by accessing the following web site: www.studentloans.gov.

  7. If you do not pay online, please be sure to include the student's name and ID number on check(s) and mail to: Elon University Lockbox, PO Box 198959, Atlanta, GA 30384.

  8. The Lockbox is at Bank of America, which provides automatic posting of the payment to the student’s account. If paying by wire, please fax wire details to (336) 278-5276 to ensure proper credit to the student account.

    • Please mail Phoenix Card deposits directly to The Phoenix Card Office at 2650 Campus Box, Elon, NC 27244.

    • Please send Scholarship checks directly to the university at: Elon University Bursar’s Office, PO Box 398, Elon, NC 27244

      Phoenix Card deposits or scholarship checks sent to the lockbox will be incorrectly posted against tuition charges.

  9. If you are participating in the  Tuition Pay Plan, one half of the yearly contract may be applied against the fall statement. The other half is used for spring. Any difference that remains after the TuitionPay contract is applied to the statement must be paid to the university by January 5th. If there are any questions regarding TuitionPay, please contact the Bursar’s Office before that date.