Annual Report

Elon University 2014 Annual Report

The 2013-14 academic year saw the continued flourishing of faculty and student scholarship. Our community also celebrated many historic milestones, including the following:

  • Completion of the Global Neighborhood, a six-building residential and academic complex that is part of Elon's $100 million initiative to create a 24/7 intellectual environment on campus
  • Establishment of the Center for Access and Success, bringing together the Elon Academy, Village Project, Watson and Odyssey Scholars and Collegiate Start @Elon programs
  • Establishment of new centers, programs and facilities to increase support for students of many backgrounds and experiences – part of Elon's unprecedented commitment to diversity and global engagement
  • Opening of the Martin Alumni Center in support of our priority to more fully engage alumni in the life of the university
  • Joining the Colonial Athletic Association, better aligning Phoenix athletics with Elon's strong base of students and alumni in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.

The Elon Commitment: Engaged minds. Inspired Leaders. Global Citizens.

During 2012-13, faculty, staff and students continued to embrace the goals of the university's strategic plan, the Elon Commitment, which is aimed at engaging students' minds and inspiring them to act as leaders and global citizens.

The Elon Commitment Strategic Plan is organized around eight themes:

  • An unprecedented university commitment to diversity and global engagement
  • Supporting a world-class faculty and staff
  • Attaining the highest levels of achievement across our academic programs
  • Launching strategic and innovative pathways in undergraduate and graduate education
  • Stewarding Elon’s commitment to remain a best-value university
  • Developing innovative alumni programs to advance and support the Elon graduate
  • Establishing a national tournament tradition of athletics success along with the highest academic standards for Phoenix athletics
  • Significantly enhancing Elon’s campus with premier new academic and residential facilities and a commitment to protecting our environment.

For full details on the plan, visit the  Elon Commitment website.

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