Welcome to Elon University's Event Planning site. 

This site is intended to guide you through the event planning process and provide you with helpful resources. 

Event and Meeting Event Guidelines

All events sponsored by faculty or staff must be registered through the Office of Campus Center Operations in the Moseley Center. When registering an event it is important to complete and submit the request/registration form no less than seven days in advance. Registration for off campus events must be submitted no less than fourteen days in advance. The Campus Center will send you an event confirmation when the event has been approved and all spaces have been assigned. Events may or may not be approved on a case by case basis. Please contact Campus Center Operations (336-278-7215) if you have any questions. 

Important Dates

There are several weeks and weekends throughout the semester that will be very difficult to schedule events or meetings.

Please keep in mind the Major Holidays that may limit staff and faculty participation Holiday Calendar

Events with student or faculty participation are prohibited during Reading Day through finals. 


All throughout the University, there are several people who schedule locations all around campus. Once the request starts the approval process, an alert is sent to the scheduler for approval of the location. Please review the work flow for event approvals.

Step 1) Reserve the Location

Use 25Live, Elon's  reservation system, to select the most appropriate venue for your event. 25Live is a one-stop shop for requesting spaces and viewing location details.

Important Tips:

  • Please use Firefox 3.0 (or higher) or Google Chrome browsers to access SPACES.
  • Once you land on the website, click "Sign In" to begin your event registration or approval (the "Sign In" link is located in the upper right hand corner of the site). Log in using your Elon username and password.
  • For more information, see the help documentation.

Step 2) Contact Event Resource Providers

The following event resource providers will help ensure the success of your event.  Be sure to contact them well in advance to discuss your event and reserve their services.  If you don't contact them, chances are they won't know about your event!

Campus Safety & Police(parking & security) x5555
Catering(via via Elon Dining – Mill Point Catering) x5357
Media Services (event technology, audio, video, streaming) x6598
Physical Plant(room setup & layout, housekeeping, recycling) x5500

Step 3) Advertise your Event

Once your event is planned and you've confirmed the resources above, be sure to promote it! 

Promotion ideas: