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BCBSNC changes mail order prescription program

Effective Sept. 30, 2017, faculty and staff covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina will fill mail prescriptions via Walgreens Mail Service.

Almost everything else stays the same, including the following:
• Your mail service phone number will remain the same
• The Customer Service hours of operation are still 24 hours a day, seven days a week
• You will continue to receive refill reminders
What you need to know after September 30:
• You’ll see the new name on your pill bottles, invoice and pharmacy benefit communications.
•  When it’s time to refill your prescription(s), it will be filled by Walgreens Mail Service.
• To see prescription information or request a refill (if your prescription allows them), visit or call the number on your prescription label.
• To protect your financial data, we did not move your credit card information. You will need to provide a credit card when filling your first prescription.
•  Validate your email address is on file.
• Validate your over-the-counter medications, allergies and health conditions when you go online or speak to a call center agent when ordering your prescription(s).
• If you don’t have refills, or if your prescription expired, ask your doctor to send a new prescription electronically to Walgreens Mail Service in Tempe, AZ or fax to 1-800-332-9581.
• The Auto Refill program is now available! Sign up online or tell the call center agent which medications you want in this program.
Questions? Visit

FAQ's for Walgreens New Mail Service (PDF)

If you currently fill a specialty medication, please contact the Specialty Pharmacy with any questions regarding your medicines. 1-877-627-6337 Monday-Friday 8a.m. - 8p.m. ET

If you take a specialty medication, you will continue to receive refill reminders and the phone number and pharmacy hours will remain the same.  You may notice some differences however such as:
• Logos will be different on materials
• The box that holds your medication may be different
• Return address will be different
• Package inserts and receipts
• Name of the pharmacy on your credit card receipt.

FAQ's for Prime Specialty Pharmacy Service


  • We are happy to announce, effective immediately, movie tickets will be sold and distributed at the Bursar’s Office – Alamance Building 113, which eliminates the extra trip to Human Resources to pick up the tickets and provides one stop shopping experience.

In addition, we are now selling tickets to both Alamance Crossing Stadium 16 in Burlington and Red Cinemas 15 in Greensboro. 

Ticket Pricing:
                Alamance Crossing - $7.25
                Red Cinemas - $6.50

There are no restrictions applied to these tickets.

  • Services to help with Will Preparation, Estate Guidance, Identiity Theft, etc. called "LifeKeys Services" offered through Lincoln Financial Group.  Please click here to view the new services that help with handling life and loss.