Delta Dental Plan

Delta Dental is the University's dental carrier. They have an expansive network and will also waive deductibles as long as participants use a PPO dentist for ANY services rendered. Employees can choose to go to any dentist; however, the participating dentists in Delta Dental's network will be paid directly for services rendered.  If an employee chooses to go out-of-network, the payment would be mailed directly to the employee and the employee would be responsible for paying the dentist. Interested in enrolling in the dental plan? Please do so by November 3, 2017. If you miss the deadline, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment period (unless you experience a Qualifying Event).  

Visit the following link to review a list of participating dentists by either zip code or city (Delta Dental's Provider Directory). A quick reference summary of the dental plan is available for your review by clicking on the following links: (Delta Dental Quick Reference Summary)

Rate schedule for dental plan:

Monthly Individual $43.71
  Employee Plus Spouse/Domestic Partner $79.46
  *Employee Plus Child(ren) $108.40
  Family $152.15
Bi-weekly Individual $20.17
  Employee Plus Spouse/Domestic Partner $36.67
  *Employee Plus Child(ren) $50.03
  Family $70.22

*Includes employee plus one or more dependent children.

Faculty and staff are reminded that bi-weekly and monthly premiums are deducted current month. Please pay close attention to your January 2018 pay voucher if you added this benefit or made a change during open enrollment to ensure that it accurately reflects the proper deductions.