Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Physical Plant?

The Physical Plant is one of the largest department on campus with more than 200 staff members. The department is organized into four major functional groups; building trades, landscaping & grounds; environmental services; and utilities maintenance. Staff personnel include electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, carpenters, painters, groundskeepers, gardeners, custodians, mechanics, heating and air-conditioning technicians, movers, sanitation workers, and clerical and administrative workers. The Physical Plant is responsible for all facility maintenance and operations of the campus buildings, grounds, and infrastructure.

How can the Physical Plant help me?

If you need a broken window fixed, a broken or leaking pipe repaired, a toilet unclogged, an electrical outlet replaced, light bulb replaced, etc., contact the Physical Plant by calling x5500. We provide service for almost any type of repair or replacement. Alteration or renovation work should be requested through the appropriate dean or vice president's office and coordinated with the Physical Plant.

What's an emergency?

The general "rule of thumb" is to ask the question, "Can it wait until normal working hours and not jeopardize safety or loss of property?" If you can answer this affirmatively, it is not an emergency. Some examples of situations that warrant after-hour response are given below:

  • Electrical - the only light in the room is out, power to one or more rooms is out (not just one receptacle)
  • Plumbing - critical plumbing fixture is stopped up (if not critical put "do not use" sign on the fixture), fixture overflowing (attempt to turn water off), a water leak that cannot be contained with a bucket, radiator heat broken in Story, Sloan, West, Virginia, Carolina, Smith, HBB, McEwen kitchen, and Whitley
  • HVAC - lack of critical cooling or heating, critical kitchen cooling equipment or icemakers
  • Environmental Services - biohazard clean-up, fire extinguisher discharge, glass clean-up
  • Key Shop - office building will not lock, combination breach on room, key stuck in lock
  • Carpenter Shop - outside windows broken in student rooms, major roof leaks, safety critical doors that will not close, panic bar alarm can't be reset

How do I request work to be done?

The following guidelines should be followed to request work from the Physical Plant:

During normal working hours, Monday through Friday from 8am - 5pm.

Visit our FIXit website, , to submit work requests, inquire about an existing work order, or research information on your completed work orders. This site is available 24/7 for routine, non-emergency work requests. For additional instructions you can check out the FIXit training video , download the FIXit manual or visit the Physical Plant Contacts website. Work requests submitted after normal business hours noted above will be accepted early the next business morning. For future use, be sure to add this site to your "Favorites" list.


  • Call the Work Order desk at x5500 and provide the pertinent information such as - Location (Bldg/Room No.), Full Name, Contact Phone, concise description of work requested (e.g., replace outlet located next to the bookcase or, replace incandescent lamp over the sink in 2nd floor bathroom, etc.,)
  • If residing in the residence halls, contact the area office unless you have an emergency situation (see definition of Emergency above)

After normal working hours, 5pm - 8am and weekends

  • Call Campus Security at x5555 and report the discrepancy that needs to be corrected