Environmental Services

The Environmental Services department performs the following functions:

  • Custodial

Support Services:

  • Sanitation – Trash and Refuse removal
  • Pest Control
  • Receiving/Warehousing
  • Recycling
  1. Custodial services helps maintain cleaning of all campus academic, administrative, athletic and residential buildings. There are three working shifts handling the tasks:
    • First Shift – 6:00am through 3:00pm / Monday through Saturday
    • Second Shift – 3:00pm through 11:30pm / Monday through Friday
    • Third Shift – 11:30pm through 8:00am / Sunday night through Friday morning
    Weekend coverage is provided via the first shift as well as having a custodian on call to respond to any cleaning emergencies after normal shift hours.
  2. Sanitation trash removal is a service provided seven days per week. A crew of four will begin their shift either at 6:00am or 7:00am and remove all collected trash from areas the third shift deposits it. Continued routes are adhered to throughout campus during the remainder of the shift through either 3:00pm or 4:00pm. Sanitation Drivers will also help in the recycling process and deposit separated items in the appropriate containers.
  3. Pest control is a joint effort maintained through a contract vendor. Pest control applications are handled weekly, typically on Wednesdays. Work orders can be placed for pest control needs and can be a useful tool for our vendor.
  4. The Receiving/Warehousing function maintains inventories of all cleaning supplies as well as all restroom paper and soap supplies. Another aspect of this support service is to inventory and deliver copy paper, brochures, campus publications and other miscellaneous materials to the campus community.

Recycling: Elon University and the Environmental Services department have established recycling programs for all types of recyclable product. Bin containers are located throughout campus for paper and plastic/aluminum. Cardboard recycling trailers are found behind all dining facilities on campus. For a list of what can be recycled, please go to www.elon.edu/physicalplant/recycling.htm. Through continued cooperative efforts, recycling can be a very rewarding program.

The Environmental Services department is proud to serve Elon University. If you have any comments or concerns please feel free to contact the following individuals at extension *5500:

  • David Worden, Manager of Environmental Services - dworden@elon.edu
  • Greg Marshall, First Shift Supervisor - Custodial
  • Kevin Bigelow, Third Shift Supervisor - Custodial
  • Wayne Brown, Support Services Supervisor - Warehouse