Landscaping, Automotive & Transportation Services

Landscaping and Grounds mission is to provide a functional, safe and beautiful campus which supports Elon’s academic mission and enhances our national image of excellence.
At Elon University, the most frequent comment made by visitors is in praise of our beautiful campus, and we work diligently to keep it that way. In fact, the campus visit is considered the most important recruiting strategy in higher education today by many authorities. Therefore, it is not only the responsibility of the Landscaping and Grounds department to maintain this beautiful campus, but to communicate Elon University’s standards of excellence to visitors and to a national audience. To this end, the Elon University Botanical Garden has been established to provide an educational, environmental and aesthetic resource to benefit Elon University and the public.

Our services include:

• Turfgrass Management
• Ornamental Horticulture
• Floral Displays
• Plant Labeling & Signage
• Landscape Design
• Landscape Construction
• Athletic & Recreation Field Maintenance
• Irrigation System Maintenance
• Litter Control
• Snow Removal
• Streets, Roads & Walk Maintenance
• Campus Signage Maintenance

Automotive & Transportation Services provides maintenance and repair of the university fleet of 226 vehicles, including 11 Buses and 105 utility carts. Transportation Services operates a fleet of 11 BioBuses (bio-diesel fueled) that  run six  public transportation routes including two routes that connect our campus with downtown Burlington and popular shopping destinations, as well as the late-night E-rides program for students. The current BioBus ridership totals 120,000 annually.  

Transportation at Elon

Tom Flood, Associate Physical Plant Director, Director of Landscaping

Keith Dimont, Manager Automotive & Transportation Services

Scott Stevens, Sports Turf Manager

Dawn Hensley, Landscape Supervisor