Elon's Recycling Program

Recycling Facts
Recycling Plastics
Tips to Reduce

Elon University has a recycling program for recoverable materials such as: paper and paper related products, cardboard, plastics, glass, tin, aluminum and glass. To a lesser degree, automotive batteries, household batteries, fluorescent bulbs, motor oil, tires, shipping pallets, electronics and printer cartridges are also recycled.
Elon’s recycling efforts, on average, save more than 85 tons of cardboard, 45 tons of paper related recyclable materials and 40 tons of plastic, aluminum & glass from being taken to the landfill each year.
Recyclable materials should be deposited in appropriate containers found within buildings and throughout the campus grounds.  Recycle bins have a blue label, lid or body.  Recyclables are picked up by members of the Environmental Services department and deposited in designated containers at the Physical Plant office.  Cardboard is also taken off campus by a vendor for processing along with the other common recyclables to Greensboro for separation and further processing.  Recycling receptacles can be found in residence halls, classrooms, offices, athletic venues and throughout the campus grounds.

Elon University is a member of the Collegiate Recyclers Coalition, a Council of the Carolina Recycling Association and annually participates in the nationally recognized RecycleMania contest. If you have any questions or comments about recycling or have a need for a pick-up service, please contact David Worden, Director of Environmental Services at 336-278-5463.

Paper and paper related item Recycling – permissible items to recycle:

• junk mail
• Newspaper / magazines
• cereal boxes (& similar packaging)
• course packs
• any color paper
• copy ready or printer ready paper
• letterhead
• lined notebook paper
• computer printout
• Envelopes (plastic windows are okay)
• post-it notes
• manila folders
• blueprints
• cardstock (any color)
• Phone books  / student directories (also can be arranged for a pick-up service)
• Books – both paperback and hard bound (also can be arranged for a pick-up service)

PIZZA BOXES – although cardboard, mostly are considered contaminated as a cardboard recyclable BUT are VERY WELCOME items to COMPOST.  Please place pizza boxes in any compost related container or for multiple boxes, please call extension 5500 to ask for pick-up service.