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Elon University campus siren messages

When the campus warning siren sounds, it will broadcast one of the following messages:

  • Winter weather warning: "Winter weather warning, winter weather warning. Take emergency precautions immediately, take emergency precautions immediately."
  • Tornado warning: "A tornado warning is in effect. Seek shelter now. Tune to your local TV station for further information. Seek shelter now."
  • Evacuation warning: "Attention. This is an emergency evacuation order. Remain calm, follow the instructions of the emergency officials. This is an emergency evacuation order. Obey the emergency officials. Remain calm."
  • Hazardous materials warning: "Hazardous material incident. A hazardous material incident has occurred. Follow instructions of authorities to evacuate the area of concern."
  • Terrorist warning: "Terrorist alert. A terrorism alert has been issued, please follow procedure."
  • General announcement: "Attention all residents. Stand by for an emergency announcement. Stop all traffic and stand by for an emergency announcement."
  • All clear: "The emergency is over. All clear. The emergency is over. All clear. The emergency is over."