Campus Initiatives: Technology

Print Management System

Elon’s print management system has greatly reduced paper usage in computer labs and the library. Paper usage went down 70% in the first year of full implementation (FY 07) compared to usage before the system was installed. Users must go to the selected print station and swipe their Phoenix Card before the requested document will print. The system has raised awareness of paper usage and reduced unnecessary printing, which has conserved resources and reduced waste.


All printers in computer labs and the library are defaulted to duplex (print on both sides). Duplexing is also available on all the multifunction photocopiers throughout campus. Printing on both sides is a great way to reduce paper use for those documents that must be printed.

Electronic Document Storage

An electronic document storage system called Fortis is being utilized by Admissions, Purchasing, University Advancement, the Provost’s Office, the Education Department and Disability Services.  This system reduces the need to print documents, allows for easy access and frees up space that was being used for paper document storage.

Virtual Servers

Elon has moved to virtual servers in many locations allowing multiple servers to run on a single machine instead of having one machine per server. Virtual servers reduce power and cooling needs.


All new electronic equipment purchased is Energy Star rated. The switch has also been made from CRT to LCD monitors, which use less energy and produce less heat. Laptop and desktop computers purchased are rated Gold or Silver through EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool)

Computers are utilized on campus for five years and then go to a recycling facility. Other electronics are also recycled when they are no longer needed on campus.