2010 Competition Results

In the Spring 2010 competition, the overall reduction was 231,454 kWh, exceeding 2009 by over 70,000 kWh. Again, every residential area reduced electricity consumption during the contest. Environmentally, the kilowatt hours not used during the competition equate to:

93 tons of coal being burned
131 tons of carbon dioxide emissions
413 pounds of nitrogen oxide emissions and 1,821 pounds of sulfur dioxide emissions

In the area competition the greatest energy reduction was achieved by:

Division II – East Area Pavilions (Honors & International), 36.6%
Division I – The Oaks, 26.5%

The buildings with the top energy reduction in each Division were:

Division II – Honors Pavilion, 36.9%
Division I – Oaks Building A, 34.4%

Detailed Results:

Building Energy Results: Division I, Division II

Area Energy results: Division I, Division II

In the Fall 2010 competition, Danieley Center C had the greatest energy reduction - 32.3%. In addition to the traditional residence hall competition on campus, Elon was also participating in Campus Conservation Nationals, a nationwide energy conservation competition. Elon placed 9th in the competiton with a 7.8% reduction.