Take Action: Students

Calculate your Ecological footprint.

Take the Sustainability Pledge. See what simple changes you can make to reduce your impact on the environment, while contributing positively to Elon’s collective impact.

Join the conversation and share your sustainable living experiences on or email sustainability@elon.edu

Learn useful tips to lighten your environmental impact.

Utilize the Sustainable Living Guide to learn how to reduce your environmental impact.

Already practicing most of the tips given in the Sustainable Living Guide?  Take the 4 week sustainability challenge and discover how to take sustainable living to the next level.

Study abroad more sustainably.

Sign up for the sustainability student’s listserv to stay up to date on the latest events and volunteer opportunities available through the Office of Sustainability. 

Join a sustainability related student group.

Live in the Sustainable Living learning community with others that have your same interests. 

Educate your peers about sustainability and shape programing by becoming an Eco-Rep.

Apply to be a Sustainability Research Scholar, if you are doing research related to sustainability

Research jobs in sustainability and start building the skills you need to incorporate sustainability into your area of focus - business, communications, natural resource management, alternative energy, etc.