Initiatives & Projects

This page is still evolving. This list represents only a portion of the projects that are currently underway within Instructional & Campus Technologies (I&CT).

Major Institutional Projects

In Progress

Planned Completion (semester)
Institutional Reporting and Analytics (via Business Objects)
Business Objects is a reporting solution that enables users to set-up personal dashboards that incorporate advanced, custom reports on institutional data within Datatel. Learn more about Business Objects.
Fall 2012
Integrated Emergency Communications
This project will ultimately integrate all methods of communicating emergency messages (e.g., sirens, digital signs, text messages, etc.) into one central location, providing a more efficient way to communicate emergency events to the Elon community.
Summer 2013

Recently Completed

Anti-Virus via Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection (MSFEP)
In early 2012, I&CT switched the campus’ anti-virus software from McAfee to Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection (MSFEP). MSFEP is a reliable antivirus solution, that continually and rapidly scans computers for malicious programs, such as viruses, trojans, backdoor programs, worms, dialers, etc.
AppTrack (Elon’s employment applicant tracking system)
In the Spring of 2012, I&CT worked with Office of Human Resources to launch AppTrack, Elon's employment applicant tracking system.  This system enables potential job candidates seeking staff employment to review positions and apply for jobs online. This application tracking system also enhances the staff recruitment process and makes it easier for departments to submit employment opportunities and review potential candidates. 
Elon Door Access Upgrade
I&CT replaced Elon's door card-swipe access system with an advanced Cisco solution. This upgrade project also included adding additional card-swipe access points (replacing traditional key access).  Completed Fall 2012.
Faculty/Staff Email Evaluation
During the Spring and Summer of 2012, Elon evaluated options to replace our aging email system used by faculty and staff. This evaluation included the review and analysis of two leading solutions: Google Apps for Education and Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 was the chosen solution.
Faculty/Staff Email Migration to Microsoft 365
I&CT moved all faculty and staff email to Microsoft 365, a cloud-based solution.  The migration was completed in the Fall of 2012. 
Moodle Initiative
As of 2012, all Elon courses were transitioned from Blackboard into the Moodle learning management system.  The transition from Blackboard to Moodle was the result of a two-year LMS evaluation led by Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) and the Academic Technology and Computing Committee (ATACC). The evaluation targeted academic needs such as, course navigation, ease of use, communication and organizational tools, course content, and assessment. Elon has partnered with Moodlerooms, a provider of e-learning solutions, for our campus installation of Moodle.
Online Benefit Enrollment
I&CT partnered with the Office of Human Resources to create an online benefit enrollment system accessed via OnTrack.  During the enrollment period, faculty and staff can now review their current benefit enrollments and make changes via a secure online system.
Paperless Promotion & Tenure Reports (via Fortis document management)
I&CT worked with the Provost Office to replace Elon’s current paper-based promotion and tenure reports with a paperless alternative through Fortis. This project was completed Spring 2012.
Public Wi-Fi for Elon Visitors
In the Spring of 2012, I&CT enabled public Wi-Fi access points at various locations across campus that are frequented by Elon guests (e.g., coffee shop, library, etc.). With public Wi-Fi access, guests are able to connect to the internet using their personal devices, but are not able to access Elon’s networked resources.
SACS Reaccreditation Document Management
I&CT worked with Elon’s SACS Reaccreditation Committee to create a solution built in Microsoft SharePoint to gather, collaborate, and organize SACS documentation from across campus. 
SPACES (Elon’s space scheduling system)
The Space Planning And Calendar Event Scheduling (SPACES) system is a one-stop shop for requesting spaces and viewing location details. This system replaced the R-25 scheduling system.
SQL Migration
In the Summer of 2012, Elon moved the ERP system (Datatel) from a UniData Database to a SQL Database to become industry standard and to better utilize business intelligence data reporting tools. 
Student Perceptions of Teaching Solution Transition
I&CT partnered with the Provost Office to transition the current Student Perceptions of Teaching evaluation form (i.e., end-of term faculty evaluation) from a customized, resource intensive solution to Scantron’s E-Climate program. The E-Climate solution gives faculty and department heads easier access to the evaluation data.
Virtual Desktop Initiative (VDI)
VDI is a progressive method of delivering computing power to campus computer labs via high-end servers. 
Wireless Network Access for Sponsored Guests
Occasionally, faculty or staff may need to provide wireless network access to a visiting colleague, vendor, or client. In the Fall of 2011, I&CT unveiled a solution to enable Elon faculty/staff to “sponsor” campus guests by creating a temporary username and password for them via an easy web interface.