Smoking Cessation-Quit Smart

Please call the Wellness Center for more information on upcoming classes. Ext 5569

QuitSmart® Smoking Cessation classes at Elon are sponsored by Elon Wellness  for Elon University Employees.


Do you feel like a slave to cigarettes?
Are the people you love breathing your second hand smoke?
Would you like to feel better, have more energy and save about $1500 a year?

YOU CAN QUIT SMOKING with Quit Smart, Duke University’s unique smoking cessation program.
There is no cost to the participants for the program or materials. Class size is limited to 12 participants and registration is required. For more information or to register call the Elon Wellness Center at 5569.
Quit Smart combines powerful treatments to help you break free from cigarettes. In four sessions over a one-month period you'll learn to:

  1. • A simple brand-switching procedure to ease off nicotine
  2. • Eight ways to minimize weight gain
  3. • Use a hypnosis audiotape to help you relax
  4. • New ways  to use stop-smoking medicine to triple your chance of success
  5. How to create a nonsmoking self-image.

The success rate for Quit Smart is twice that of other methods. No stop-smoking program is totally painless, but Quit Smart comes close.

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