Vaccines/ Immunizations


Vaccines and immunizations are available for all Elon Faculty & Staff with an order from a medical provider.
If you or your family member is covered under Elon's insurance,  BCBS there is no charge. A reduced fee is charged for all others.

CDC Adult Vaccine Quiz


Flu Clinic

All Faculty/Staff and retirees can receive a free flu vaccine each year. Any family members 18 and over on Elon's insurance may also recevie a flu vaccine. Please look for emails at the beginning of September about upcoming flu clinics or on the Wellness Web calendar.  If you miss the flu clinics you may make an appointment to receive your vaccine.

Travel Clinic

If you are traveling for work and need a travel consultation with our PA  please click here to complete the travel questionairre. Upload the completed questionairre to your  Phoenix Health Patient Portal at least 7 days before your PA appointment. The CDC is a good resource  for travel vaccine information.

Hepatitis B Vaccines

If you work in an area that may have contact with blood bourne pathogens you must complete the Hepatitis B Vaccine compliancy form and return it to the Health & Wellness Clinic. Click  here for the form. You can upload the completed form to the Phoenix Health Portal or return it to our office. If you need the Hepatitis B vaccine please call for an appointment. 5569