Enter your miles at https://www.elon.edu/WellnessChallenge

You can still join the fun and register by clicking on the link above. Wellness Land started 9/22 and ends 11/23. Eight weeks to increase your walking!


Walk 5 miles per day along the rainbow path and accumulate 225 miles to reach the Wellness Castle. Upon completion, Queen Kandy will enter you into a drawing for great wellness prizes. Visit special Wellness Land locations along the way for extra miles and gifts.

Rules of the Rainbow path:

Participants will be given a pedometer and will record miles walked along the rainbow path. Players must walk at least 225 miles to be entered into the grand prize drawing.

For every 5 miles walked you will advance one space on the rainbow path. Along the way players will land at these special Wellness Land locations;

  • College Coffee Forest - Dance your way along the rainbow path to College Coffee Forest.
  • Acorn Coffee House - It’s been a long day so stop, eat and share some stories.
  • Moseley Lagoon - Swim gingerly through the Moseley Lagoon and try not to get stuck.
  • Campus Rec Palace - On to Campus Rec Palace where sugar fairies love to make you giggle as you work out.
  • Belk Library Palace - Welcome to the Belk Palace where you can read the coolest books.
  • Frosted Wellness Palace - You’ve made it to the Frosted Wellness Palace with Queen Kandy who will enter you into a drawing for great wellness prizes!

Players will receive a reward card with these Wellness Land locations on it. When visiting each location an extra 5 miles is earned by having the indicated person sign the reward card. These “extra miles” can help you reach the Wellness Castle. Stop by the Wellness Center and present your signed reward card at each location to receive a gift noting your achievement.

Get Ready:

Go to  https://www.elon.edu/WellnessChallenge  to join the game and name your character. You will also see a link to log in daily miles when the game starts 9/22. 

Let’s Play!

Stop by the Wellness Castle to receive your pedometer and game card or let us know and we’ll send it to your campus box. Clip it on and start walking on Monday Sept. 22. All miles count so be sure to clip your pedometer on when you get up and look at the miles accumulated when you take it off at night. Log your miles in daily and see your progress on the rainbow path.