Student Professional Development Center


Think about an internship during your second-year. Begin preliminary discussions with your academic advisor, faculty in your major or minor, and with professionals working in The Student Professional Development Center. They will help you to identify internships in a field aligned with your career goals. Advisors will help you to polish your resume, cover letter, and application. 

TUITION AND FEE$ apply to internships for course credit. Internships for credit are monitored by faculty and will be graded.

If the internship is for a Business degree, majors must contact Mrs. Jan Pagoria, to ensure credit.
If the internship is for a Communications degree, majors must contact  Mrs. Nagatha Tonkins, to ensure credit.
If the internship is for an Arts & Science degree, majors will work with Mrs. Debby Wall to secure registration.
Arts and Science majors need only to follow the steps outlined below, a
fter gaining faculty approval and accepting an internship offer.

Step 1:

  • Once you have been accepted at an organization, discuss the internship with a faculty mentor.
  • Your faculty mentor will monitor your internship, assign coursework, and give you a grade at the end of the term. 
  • Ask your faculty mentor for the internship course number. The course number will be used for registration.
  • Discuss what you hope to derive from the experience such as your goals and objectives
  • Explain the duties you will perform at the organization 

Step 2:  

  • Using Firefox or Explorer
  • Log into your EJN account
  • Complete your profile. (It will take approximately 5-8 minutes to complete.)
  • Register using the internship course number you received from your faculty mentor. 
  • Read the text for Arts & Sciences students
  • Select the term.  Example: Summer I
  • Complete the required * fields
  • Name of your faculty mentor
  • Your goals and duties
  • SAVE

After you SAVE you cannot edit your internship information.
Feel free to contact Mrs. Wall, Internship Director at walldebb@elon.edu or call 336-278-6538 for edits. 

Step 3:

  • Once you complete the online registration, Ms. Wall will process the online approval.  
  • Your faculty mentor and academic advisor will receive emails to approve your internship
  • The registrar and bursar will receive information that finalizes your registration. 
  • It may take 2-5 days before your internship registration will appear on OnTrack. 

    Business majors  Communications majors