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Thank You/No Thank You Letter

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Dear Ms./Mr. _______:

First Paragraph - Express appreciation for being granted the interview and the courtesies extended to you by the interviewer(s).  Indicate the position for which you were interviewed, where the interview was conducted, and the date.  You may want to recall some pleasant incident that took place during the interview.

Second Paragraph - If you want the job, reaffirm your interest in the job or position for which you were interviewed.  Briefly cover your reasons for wanting this opportunity.  If you have had relevant experiences since the interview, give a brief description.  If you do not want the job, include a simple statement to that effect.

Third Paragraph - Be willing to provide additional data that will clarify or strengthen your application.  Hopefully all of this was covered, but in case it was not, make sure you cooperate with the employer.  Indicate you are available for further interviewing at their convenience.  Or if you do not want the job, thank the recruiter for their time and energy.


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