Elon Rideshare

One-Time Trips

Regular Commuting

    How to Use Rideshare

    Review the current requests to see if any of them meet your needs. Respond to those that do to coordinate the details of your shared ride. If you do not find a request that meets your needs, post your own rideshare request. Select the appropriate rideshare category (one-time trip or regular commuting) when posting your request. Be sure to include how you would like to be contacted by those responding to your request.

    Other Rideshare Options

    Utilize Zimride to find a carpool partner. Sign-up at www.zimride.com/elon, post your ride and Zimride will do the matching for you based on others in the Elon Zimride system.

    Rideshare Facts

    Based on survey responses:

    • 10% of staff carpool on average 3 days a week.
    • 14% of faculty carpool on average 3 days a week.
    • 35% of students carpool on average 2 days a week.

    Why carpool?

    • You will save on gas money
    • You will put less wear and tear on your vehicle
    • You will prevent 19.4 pounds of CO2 emissions for each gallon of gas you don’t use
    • You will have company for your ride