Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get paid?

Email Linda Hibbard ( and request a work agreement to be created. In a few business days, go to OnTrack to view your work agreement. Once logged in, click on OnTrack for Students. Under the section labeled Time Entry and Approval, select Student Work Agreement.

On OnTrack you will see a list of work agreements for you with a status of APPROVED, COMPLETED or PROCESSED. To access the work agreement, click the button beside the work agreement you want to accept, with a status of APPROVED, and click SUBMIT.

If you have not submitted your I-9 Form to Financial Planning then you will see an I-9 FORM error message and will need to go to the Financial Planning Office to complete the Federal I-9 form and bring with your forms of identification described on this list.

For more information on Work agreements see:

Who is my supervisor?
Linda Hibbard ( be the supervisor for your Work Agreement.

How much do I get paid?
Student surveyors at the Elon University Poll earn $10 per hour.

Where is the Financial Planning Office?
The Financial Planning Office is located in the Inman Admissions Welcome Center next to Moseley Center in the heart of campus. Its phone number is (336) 278-7640.  You can find it on the campus map.

When should I submit my Work Agreement?
You will need to submit the documents needed for your Work Agreement before you work at the Elon University Poll. 

How do I submit my hours?
After you have filled out your Work Agreement and completed your shift(s) at the Elon University Poll, you may submit your hours via OnTrack.  You can find directions on how to submit your hours here.

What if I just want to volunteer?  Do I have to fill out any paper work?
If you just want to volunteer (i.e. not get paid) you do not need to fill out any paper work.

What time should I arrive to work?
You should arrive a few minutes before the start of your shift so we can sign you in.

Is there any training I need to complete beforehand?
No, you will be trained at the start of your shift! No experience necessary!

What if I have any other questions?
Please contact Dr. Kenneth Fernandez, the director of the Elon University Poll, at