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Cherrel Miller Dyce

Cherrel DyceAssistant Professor of Education
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A social justice advocate, mentor and social theorist, Cherrel Dyce believes in uplifting marginalized communities through education. She emphasizes cultural competence, diversity, social justice and critical self-reflection in all of her research projects. Dyce studies educational inequities, particularly black males in education and the educational outcomes for students of color, pairing her interest with the founding of service programs at local Alamance County elementary schools. She also researches ways to prepare preservice and inservice teachers to interact with diverse learners and methods to engage educators with diverse families. Dyce studies the educational system all the way from Kindergarten to post-graduate studies to get the most holistic picture of the impact on racially and ethnically diverse communities.


Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from University of North Carolina at Greensboro
M.S.W from Columbia University School of Social Work

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