Distinguished Scholar Award

The Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes excellence in scholarship acknowledged by both the Elon community and by the large community of the candidate's discipline. Recipients of this award are listed below:

2016-17: Megan Squire
2015-16: Eric Hall
2014-15: Cindy Fair
2013-14: Steve DeLoach
2012-13: Tom Mould

2011-12: Rebecca Todd Peters
2010-11: Ann J. Cahill
2009-10: Jeffrey C. Pugh
2008-09: Laura J. Roselle
2007-08: Earl D. Honeycutt, Jr.
2006-07: Anthony E. Weston
2005-06: David A. Copeland
2004-05: Jon F. Metzger
2003-04: R. Clyde Ellis
2002-03: Andrew J. Angyal
Christian J. Wilson
Anne E. Bolin
David M. Crowe