JD/MBA Program

Academic Requirements

Elon Law’s JD degree requires 90 credit hours to graduate. All first year courses are required courses. In addition, students have required leadership courses during the first and second year winter terms. Upper level required courses include Business Associations, Evidence, Constitutional Law I, Constitutional Law II and Professional Responsibility. Constitutional Law I must be taken during the first semester of the student’s second year at the law school; and Constitution Law II must be taken during the second semester of the second year. Professional Responsibility may be taken any time during the second year of law school. Business Associations and Evidence may be taken any time during the second or third year of law school. More information about the academic requirements of the JD program is available here.

The MBA program requires 45 credit hours, comprised of (i) 6 credits of foundational courses in accounting (3 credits) and finance (3 credits); (ii) 30 credits of core required courses; and (3) 9 credits of elective courses. More information about the academic requirements of the MBA program is available here.

Satisfying MBA Requirements with Law School Courses

The Elon MBA program accepts up to 9 hours of law school courses toward satisfaction of the MBA degree as indicated below:

Law School CoursesMBA Requirements Satisified
Law 711/Accounting for Lawyers
(2 credits)
This course will satisfy the Financial Accounting Foundation Course required by the MBA program.
Elective courses:
  • Business Associations
  • Entity Tax
  • Bankruptcy
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Negotiations
  • Securities Regulation
  • Intellectual Property
These courses will satisfy the MBA degree’s elective requirements.

Satisfying Law School Requirements with MBA Courses

Elon Law accepts up to 12 credit hours from the MBA courses. The following MBA courses satisfy law school requirements:

MBA courses that satisfy law school requirements
MBA 511/Enhancing Managerial Communications (JD/MBA students are not allowed credit for both MBA 511 and LAW 703 [Communications Skills for Lawyers], they must take one or the other)
MBA 521/Economic Policy and the Global Environment
MBA 531/Accounting for Managerial Decisions
MBA 551/Financial Management
MBA 562/Applications in Management and Organizational Theory
MBA 581/International Business
MBA 591/Entrepreneurship
MBA 594/Topics in Advanced Financial Management (The availability of law school credit for this course depends on the specific topics covered, as the content of the course varies. Pre-approval by the law school associate dean for academic affars should be obtained to receive credit toward the JD degree for this course.)