JD/MBA Program

Seriatim Sequence of Study

Students in the JD/MBA program select one of two sequences to complete the program: the seriatim sequence or the integrated sequence. Under the seriatim sequence, students complete the JD in three years (taking some MBA courses during the summers and winters) and then take only MBA courses in the fourth year to complete the MBA degree.

Seriatim Sequence - Sample Course Schedule

Year One

JD/MBA Program students take the standard first-year law school course load. The law school’s Lawyering, Leadership & Professionalism course taken during the Winter Term will satisfy the MBA 501 requirement.*

Year Two

JD/MBA Program students take Business Associations, thereby satisfying one of the three elective course requirements for the MBA program. Students may also take other law school courses (e.g., Bankruptcy or Negotiations) to satisfy the remaining MBA elective requirements. 

Year Three

JD/MBA Program students take Accounting for Lawyers to satisfy the Financial Accounting foundation course requirement for the MBA program. Students also take the jointly-taught MBA 581 (International Business) course during the Winter Term to satisfy this core MBA requirement (and to receive credit at the law school toward the 90 credit requirement for graduation). If students have any remaining MBA elective requirements, they should select law school courses to satisfy those requirements. 

By taking the courses described above, upon completing the JD program, JD/MBA Program students will already have satisfied the following MBA requirements:

  • Financial Accounting
  • MBA 501
  • MBA 581/International Business
  • MBA program’s 3-course elective requirements

JD/MBA Program students may then complete the MBA degree during the fourth year by taking the following courses, which are typically offered at the times indicated:

  • Summer I – Finance Foundation**
  • Summer II – MBA 565/Project Management**
  • Fall
    • MBA 501/Goals – audit only
    • MBA 521/Economic Policy
    • MBA 541/Marketing Management
    • MBA 562/Leadership/Management
  • Winter
    • MBA 502/Goals
    • MBA 511/Communications
    • MBA 531/Managerial Accounting
  • Spring
    • MBA 551/Financial Management
    • MBA 585/Strategic Thinking

* Students are still encouraged to audit MBA 501 since the course serves as a career planning opportunity and a chance to meet other MBA students. 

 ** If the student would like to take the bar exam following his or her third year of law school, the student would need to take the Finance Foundation course and at least one other MBA course during his or her law school years. That would free the student’s post-third year summer for bar preparation.