In-House Counsel Externships

Elon Law student internsThe In-House Counsel Externship provides opportunities for students to gain practical legal experience working under the supervision of in-house counsel in the corporate offices of for-profit organizations.

The In-House Counsel Externship is an upper-level elective which consists of a combination of supervised work hours and periodic sessions with a faculty advisor. As part of supervised externship work, students may observe attorney meetings and strategy sessions, negotiations, client conferences, and participate in litigation strategy development, contract drafting, contract review and legal research while under the supervision of corporate counsel.

In addition to the minimum hours of supervised work, the In-House Counsel Externship course requires students to participate in sessions with a faculty advisor and submit reflective written work and time records. Students are eligible for the In-House Counsel Externship course after completing three semesters at the law school. While students may register for the In-House Counsel Externship course through the regular course registration process, the Externship Director or Designated Faculty Advisor must approve any externship before classes begin, based on a deadline for placement approval specified by the Director. Students may not receive any compensation for their work in the externship course. Business Associations is a prerequisite course for the In-House Counsel Externship. NOTE: 3 credits = 140 hours of work (Spring and Fall) / 3 credits = 180 hours of work (Summer).

Members or leaders of in-house counsel divisions in the corporate offices of for-profit organizations who are interested in supervising an extern should contact: Margaret Robison Kantlehner, Associate Professor of Law and Director of Externships, Elon University School of Law - 201 N. Greene Street, Greensboro, NC  27401 - Office:336-279-9205 /