Leadership Fellows Program

The Leadership Fellows program is a special feature in Elon's leadership development program for law students. Integrated across three years, the Leadership Fellows program equips future attorneys with the knowledge and skills necessary to address important public policy and social challenges, and to lead in their communities and beyond. In addition to a scholarship award, Fellows have the opportunity to serve in a public-sector organization through a stipend-supported summer externship offered with course credit. The stipend covers the tuition for the externship course and living expenses for one summer during law school.

To be considered for the Fellows program, the application for admission to Elon Law and a Leadership Fellows application must be submitted. The Leadership Fellows application for students entering fall 2015 will be posted here in January. The deadline for submission of this application will be announced at that time, but it will likely be in mid-March. Finalists for the Leadership Fellows program will be invited to the law school to interview in March or April 2015.

David Gergen

In addition to a scholarship and stipend-supported externship, Fellows meet with local and national leaders to explore issues in leadership and the law. For example, in the recent past, Elon Law hosted national leaders such as David Gergen (pictured at right), historian David McCullough, former Governor Jim Hunt, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, and former North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Henry FryeFellows also engage in leadership seminars, monthly roundtables and field-based experiences. They are also expected to participate in a project or projects designed by the Fellows for the betterment of the Law School and the community. The Fellows coordinate an annual Leadership Academy, as well as publish an online Journal of Leadership and the Law.

In their third year of study, Leadership Fellows undertake a Capstone Leadership project, through which they apply in-depth knowledge and skills in leadership and the law to address significant public-policy issues and improve lives in communities across the region, the country and throughout the world. Beyond their participation as explained above, Leadership Fellows are expected to maintain satisfactory academic standing and to assist administration and faculty with the Bryan Leadership Lecture Series and other leadership programming. 

More information about the Leadership Fellows program at Elon Law is available here.

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