Experiential Learning Symposium


ABA president-elect William C. Hubbard seeks innovative approaches to transform delivery of legal services

In a keynote address at Elon Law for the June 13-15 National Symposium on Experiential Education in Law, American Bar Association president-elect William C. Hubbard said lawyers should seek new perspectives and approaches, leveraging new technologies to fundamentally change the delivery of legal services.

William Henderson says immersive, iterative, integrated experiential education accelerates self-directed learning in law

William Henderson, Professor of Law, Van Nolan Faculty Fellow, and Director of the Center for the Global Legal Profession at the Maurer School of Law, Indiana University at Bloomington, describes research findings of improved student engagement in the classroom after immersive law practice experiences.

Elon Law dean Luke Bierman encourages broad perspective on goals for experiential education in law

In opening remarks at the Second National Symposium on Experiential Education in Law, Elon Law dean Luke Bierman asks attendees to consider how experiential education fits into the overall enterprise of legal education and the goals that legal educators have for students.

Vermont Law professor Margaret Barry calls for comprehensive law school curriculum development infused with experiential education

Margaret Barry, co-chair of the symposium planning committee, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Clinical and Experiential Programs at Vermont Law School, calls for thoughtful discussion about how legal education should change, encouraging curricular design from an understanding of what knowledge, skills and attributes students need to succeed in a new era for the delivery of legal services.

Extended Videos

Opening Roundtable

Keynote 1: William Henderson

Plenary 1: Reports and Synthesis of Alliance Working Groups

Plenary 2: Perspectives from Other Disciplines

Keynote 2: William Hubbard

Plenary 3: Barriers and Challenges

Innovation Demos

Plenary 4: The Developing Landscape of Change