Alumni Profiles

Katherine BobbKatherine Bobb

A double Elon Graduate and a member of the law school’s charter class, Katherine Bobb, ’06 and L’09, has learned a thing or two about being innovative. Bobb is Assistant Director at the Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center and the Children’s Advocacy Center in Duluth, Ga. Previously, she was the Director of Legal Services at the Center. Her work focuses on providing civil legal remedies to victims of sexual assault, particularly victims of non-intimate partner assault.

“My office is unique because it is one, if not the only, free-standing facility in the country that provides 24-7 crisis intervention, on-site forensic medical examinations, advocacy and legal services under one roof,” Bobb said. “We provide free legal assistance to victims of sexual assault in the following areas: safety, privacy, employment, immigration, housing, financial, education and family law.”

From day to day, Bobb’s work may have her negotiating with the landlord of a sexual assault victim who may not feel safe returning to her apartment and wants to break the lease or obtain additional safety measures. Or Bobb may be helping a victim get time off from work to recover physically and emotionally after an assault. She also runs an extern program that trains third-year law students in assisting victims who wish to obtain temporary protective orders, and she manages the subpoenas and witness preparation for the nurses at her office who frequently testify in court.

“The most exciting part about my job is that every day is different. We try to meet all the needs of the victim, whether it is evidence collection, advocacy or assisting a victim with his or her legal needs,” Bobb said. “Being able to assist a victim not only during the initial trauma but through the victim’s journey to recovery is incredibly rewarding.”

While in law school, Bobb, who graduated cum laude, co-founded the International Law Society, served as Chair for Delta Theta Phi fraternity, was a member of the Student Bar Association’s appropriations committee and a member of the Business Law Association.

“Since we were Elon’s first class, we had to create and develop all of our extracurricular organizations from the ground up,” Bobb said. “Having leadership roles in organizations such as the International Law Society and Delta Theta Phi during their developmental stages gave me the skills and confidence to create the legal program at Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center.”

Bobb advises students to take the classes that interest them.

“Of course it is important to take classes that prepare you for the bar exam, but you will also get plenty of that in any bar prep course,” she said. “My fondest memories of law school were in my smaller elective courses where the focus was more on analysis and discussion rather than just learning the law.”