The Leadership Program

Project Reports - Public Law & Leadership 2011

Whitney Butcher, Allison Lukanich, and Simon O'Brien, all members of the Class of 2012 at Elon Law and participants in the intensive Public Law & Leadership course that took place in January, provided the following video reports and essays about their experiences in the course, including descriptions of the nonprofit organizations they engaged, the legal issues they explored, and the value of the course in their legal education.

Whitney Butcher

Client: Elsewhere Collaborative
Issue: How to structure relationships among artists in a unique collaborative organization
Areas of Law: Labor & Employment

"Our group found that structuring Elsewhere’s relationships with its curators and apprentices as Independent Contractors would limit Elsewhere’s liability, promote the artists’ flexibility and fluidity in creating their work, and also provide for the most flexibility in the temporary employment relationship between Elsewhere and its artists."

Read Butcher's complete report on the project here.


Allison Lukanich

Client: After Gateway, Inc.
Issue: How to improve public transportation for the organization's disabled participants
Areas of Law: Americans with Disabilities Act

"Our group decided on an advocacy campaign to educate the public on the daily struggles that the developmentally disabled face, as well as to advocate change in the ADA Federal standards."

Read Lukanich's complete report on the project here.


Simon O'Brien

Client: Reading Connections
Issue: How to protect intellectual property rights for a literacy toolkit and sell the toolkit while maintaining nonprofit status
Areas of Law: Intellectual Property and Nonprofit Law

"Engaging the needs of an actual client through research, preparation of legal documents, and the presentation of our findings was both a rewarding experience and one in which our team took great pride. I was fortunate to be placed into a group composed of driven leaders who eagerly supported one another in our efforts to advance our client’s greatest needs. "

Read O'Brien's complete report on the project here.

A fourth group of second-year law students worked with the organization, Bicycling in Greensboro, in support of their efforts to improve safety for bicyclists in the region. The group researched North Carolina and surrounding state "hit and run" statutes involving bicyclists and pedestrians, and made policy and legislative recommendations to promote bicycling safety.

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