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Leadership Fellows have an opportunity to serve in a public sector organization through a summer externship offered with course credit and a scholarship covering the tuition for the externship course and living expenses.

The following is one in a series of self-reported descriptions of the fellows' summer employment experiences.

Ashley Clark '12

Name of Employer:                                   

Compliance Implementation Services

Name of Position:                                   

Healthcare Compliance Legal Intern

Elon Law student Ashley ClarkFirst Line Supervisor:                 

Jamie Ghen
Senior Director of Compliance
Ethics & Legal Affairs         

General Company Overview:

Compliance Implementation Services (CIS) is a consulting firm specializing in compliance strategies for the pharmaceutical industry, from Global Clinical Research and Development, through Manufacturing, U.S. Commercial Compliance, and Government Programs.  CIS is a company that is approximately seven(7) years old and they have offices in Media, PA; Raleigh, NC and a recently opened office in San Francisco, CA.

Ashley's Narrative:

The one thing I like about this internship is that while I do get the in-house experience as I complete tasks internally for CIS, I also am able to work with other companies who contract with CIS for legal and assessment work. My position entails a fair amount of legal research and writing, but also a great deal of personal interaction. The biggest task I have had was actually a summer project that I was assigned my very first day of my internship. I was given the duty of researching and creating a legal memorandum that would first be used as a proposal to a perspective company that was looking for our legal department to internally assess their compliance. The memorandum was a great way for me to dive in, head first, to the world of pharmaceuticals and life sciences, but it was also a very challenging assignment. Once our in-house team was selected by the pharmaceutical company for the job I then had to craft the memo to be more guidance-orientated, as it would also be the blueprint for our assessments,and final analysis.
While the memo was a challenge, it was also a great learning experience for me. I saw my writing improve greatly with the edits and comments I was given by my supervisors. They both made changes to the memo, but at the same time they gave the constructive criticism I needed to strengthen my writing skills. When I went into the internship I told my supervisor writing was something I wanted to work on and strengthen, so I was very appreciative that she gave me the opportunity right off the bat to do that. I have since written numerous legal memos and continue to see my legal writing skills improve.
Having previously had a year-long internship with the Guilford County Public Defender's Office this internship posed an exciting and new experience in the corporate/in-house legal world. Because the two internships I have held were so different it really allowed me to grasp how one type of law (criminal) differs from another (corporate). I have truly enjoyed the summer interning for CIS and anticipate working here throughout the school year. It is my hope to continue with the company following graduation or to pursue employment within the corporate field. While criminal law was a field I experienced and appreciate, after having my current summer internship I have found that corporate law is something I greatly enjoy and can see myself doing for a long time to come.