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Leadership Fellows have an opportunity to serve in a public sector organization through a summer externship offered with course credit and a scholarship covering the tuition for the externship course and living expenses.

The following is one in a series of self-reported descriptions of the fellows' summer employment experiences.

L. Collin Cooper '12

Name of Employer:                                   

Office of United States Senator Kay R. Hagan

Name of Position:                                   

Legal Intern

Elon Law student Collin CooperFirst Line Supervisor:                 

Brittany Wakefield
Assistant to the Chief of Staff             

General Overview:

As a legal intern in the office of a Federal Senator, I had a variety of different jobs and responsibilities.  First of all, there was naturally a great deal of menial/official tasks to be done—sorting and logging constituent letters for easy access to the Senator; answering the telephone; becoming acquainted with the U.S. Capital building, etc.  There was also a great deal of legal drafting, training and research required.

Daily Duties:

A typical day in the Senator’s office would consist of about 20% constituent services, 30% training, and 50% writing and research.  I would spend a majority of the morning reading constituent mail and entering it into the Senator’s electronic sorting system.  I would often spend my afternoons doing legal research training either with the Congressional Research Service, or legal librarians at the U.S. Senate Library.  This sort of training was helpful because I was exposed to research methods that I did not learn in my Legal Research class.  When there were no training sessions, I would spend a great deal of time reading, and sometimes drafting, legislation and bill recommendation letters addressed to other U.S. Senators.  In addition, I was also able to attend Senate Committee Hearings, such as the confirmation hearings of Justice Elena Kagan to the U. S. Supreme Court.  At these hearings, I was able to meet Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Justice Elena Kagan, Dr. Henry Kissinger, and other well-known Senators and politicians.

Take Aways:

Of all the perks that I experienced working for a U.S. Senator, the most memorable was having free reign to wander around the U.S. Capital building and sit on the Senate and House floors while they were in session.  While I had to actively seek out a majority of the legal work that I did, it was a very rewarding experience.