The Leadership Program

The Leadership in the Law Award

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In 2011, Elon University School of Law established an annual award to recognize lawyers who make outstanding contributions to the profession and to society. Since 2011, Elon Law has presented this award at the annual Leaders in the Law luncheon in Raleigh, N.C., an event hosted by North Carolina Lawyers Weekly in partnership with Elon Law.

Leadership in the Law Award Recipients

The Honorable Charles L. Becton2013

Charles L. Becton

Attorney, Judge and Higher Education Leader, North Carolina

“To emerge as one of North Carolina’s true leaders from the challenging times of the American civil rights era and to exhibit an unerring focus on the well-being of others throughout his career is a supreme testament to his leadership. We at Elon admire Judge Becton’s trailblazing leadership, his devotion to rooting out injustice, his consistent service to the betterment of the legal profession, his role as a teacher of law and his focus on the expansion and improvement of educational opportunities for young people across the state and nation." – Elon Law Professor George R. Johnson, Jr., presenting the 2013 Leadership in the Law Award to the Honorable Charles L. Becton, Sept. 18, 2013
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Guilford County Public Defender Fred Lind


Fred Lind

Guilford County Public Defender

“For showing us what true dedication to building and sustaining a fair judicial system looks like, for showing so much care in mentoring emerging lawyers in our community, for exemplifying the determination, consistency and professionalism that defines great public defenders, and for modeling for us the life of a lawyer-leader, I am honored to present Frederick G. Lind with Elon University School of Law’s 2012 Leadership in the Law Award.” – Elon Law Professor George R. Johnson, Jr., Sept. 19, 2012
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Elon 2011 leadership award recipients Mike Marshall and Karen McKeithen Schaede


Micahel T. Marshall and Karen McKeithen Schaede

Greensboro attorneys and founding Elon Law attorney mentors (precptors)

“Mike Marshall and Karen McKeithen Schaede are setting a standard of excellence for the role of lawyers as mentors and advisers to Elon law students. We are extremely fortunate to have the benefit of Mike and Karen’s wisdom, support, and involvement.” – Elon Law Professor George R. Johnson, Jr., Oct. 14, 2011

“Karen was just what I needed to make the adjustment to law school. Not only was she was there for me when I had questions about classes or law school in general, but she was great at inquiring about my career goals and giving suggestions on how to meet those goals." – Alumnus Samantha J. Gilman ‘11

“Mike has always been a great source of wisdom and his eagerness to share his experience is invaluable to those students he has mentored.” – Alumnus Robert J. Webster ‘13

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