Journal of Leadership and the Law

Summer Experience Spotlight: Jaylyn Noble

By Jaylyn Noble L'Dec.'17

Searching for a summer internship as a 1L is not easy. There aren’t many options because most firms and organizations are looking for candidates with more experience. Everyone says “it’s all about who you know” and Jaylyn Noble learned that lesson first-hand during the summer following her 1L year.

Noble was lucky enough to have a friend who was interning at the Public Defender’s office in Forsyth County. After talking with the Assistant District Attorney, Noble’s friend informed Noble that the office was looking for a summer intern. Eager for such an opportunity, she immediately sent her cover letter and resume. Noble was hired the following day.

Being a 1L at the DA’s office meant that Noble was not able to actually appear in court under a practice certificate; however, this was the only disadvantage she experienced. Through this internship Noble was able to view court hearings, interview police and witnesses, write direct and cross examinations, go through jury selection process, and sort through evidence to help select what should be admitted for trial.

According to Noble, the best part of this internship was the networking opportunities that were afforded to her. Not only was she introduced to attorney’s who were working in the Public Defender’s office and various private firms, but she was also introduced judges. This was a huge bonus to Noble, as she still did not know what area of law she wanted to go into or whether she wanted to work for the government or in a private sector. Being introduced to so many different people and hearing about all of their different experiences helped Noble to narrow down her choices and figure out what truly interested her. In addition, she created a meaningful relationship with the Assistant District Attorney who she was working with. Noble knows she will be able to rely on her new mentor for advice, help, and recommendation letters she may need for the future. Finally, Noble was able to learn the importance of leading in the community and leaving a meaningful impact from the work she completes.