Journal of Leadership and the Law

Elon Law Student Spotlight: Gerard Truesdale

By Mia Chamberlain L'Dec.'17

Gerard Truesdale was born and raised in Greensboro, NC. Beginning at a young age, he developed a passion for giving back. After graduating from Morehouse College, Truesdale wanted to develop a program to help other young men in the community he grew up in. At his graduation, the guest speaker told all of the graduates to start being a "renaissance man with a conscience cause."  After spending countless hours mentoring in college, Truesdale knew he had the skills and ability to connect with youth and instill in them a drive to succeed.

Crossroads: Pathways to Success, Inc. was started in 2009.  Crossroads began as a twice a month project in which Truesdale would go into schools and speak with a group of young men about various topics that he felt were important, such as ways to prepare for life after high school.  After making progress and generating student interest, Truesdale contacted his lifelong friend Arturo Mckie to seek help to grow the organization. In a span of three years, the two men were able to secure a permanent meeting location, get more than 15 students involved, and began regular meetings every other Saturday. 
The purpose of Crossroads is to help students become productive individuals after high school.  Some of the key topics they focus on include college preparation, professional etiquette, financial literacy, resume building, health & fitness, and leadership skills.  Crossroads stresses the importance of education and attending college as well as becoming gainfully employed after high school.  Over the past 8 years Crossroads has helped over 42 students get into college and over 10 students secure employment.  

Truesdale understands the importance of leading by example. While developing this successful program, Truesdale has obtained two masters degrees, gained professional work experience and is a rising 3L at Elon Law. The Leadership Fellows commend Truesdale for his continued work in our community and applaud his diligent efforts to give back to Greensboro.