Journal of Leadership and the Law

Introduction to the 2012 Edition

Pamela BoekaFrom the Editor

With the Presidential election nearly upon us, voters are inundated daily with information regarding issues such as the economy, health care, and the rising national debt. But one issue always lurks in the background, and that is immigration reform. This type of reform was unconvincingly addressed by both candidates in the second presidential debate, but it has been proclaimed by Americans to be vital to our nation’s future success. Carrie Johnston ’12 sat down for an interview with Jessica Yañez '11, an alumnae and passionate immigration attorney practicing in Greensboro. Jessica reminds us that the need for immigration reform is not unique to any one demographic group (see Profiles in Leadership section). Broken and outdated immigration laws and procedures, if not addressed, will continue to torment and cripple our legal system, global humanitarian efforts, and foreign policy for years to come.

Profiles in Leadership:

Capturing valuable wisdom on video from a respected and leading expert in the field of commercial law, Chantelle Lytle ‘13 profiled Judge James L. Gale, Special Superior Court Judge for Complex Business Cases, North Carolina Business Court. Judge Gale’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his challenge for lawyers to have courage of conviction are nothing short of inspiring.  We need only examine his record to be reminded of what true excellence looks like.

Studies in Leadership:

In the article, "Holmes and Hand," Patrick Ward ’14 describes the unusual relationship between the two judges and how this friendship impacted various Supreme Court decisions. We could all learn from Justice Holmes’ demonstration of humility and receptiveness, especially those of us who have gone through a legal writing course. If Justice Holmes had a hand from Judge Hand, it might behoove us neophytes to take some criticism and advice once in a while.

Leadership Speaker Series:

One of the benefits of attending Elon Law is the accessibility to many experienced and accomplished legal practitioners. The Conference on Law and Leadership gave Elon Law students another opportunity to hear from respected and accomplished lawyers, business executives, and academic professionals about the current state of legal education and the profession and the importance of leadership development in both arenas.

Students Notes:

Caroline Johnson ’14 spent the summer in Rome, Italy, interning at the International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT). Because of her incredible experiences with law students from around the world, she gained a new perspective regarding what it takes to be an international lawyer. In her article, she describes three important lessons vital for a lawyer to succeed in the competitive field of international law.

Andrew Realon ’14 examines the advantages of interdisciplinary training. Although lawyers may find it more desirable to master the legal field without venturing out of general law practice, Andrew’s article challenges our traditional thinking by providing an account of two successful legal practitioners who have combined other disciplines such as civic engagement and academia into their law careers.

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