Journal of Leadership and the Law

Student Notes

Elon Law student John BoschiniTreatment and Rehabilitation for Youth & the Homeless

John Boschini L'15

In his note, Boschini writes about how the legal system needs to readdress how it views particular groups, including the young and homeless.  He advocates for a more collaborative system, where the District Attorney’s Office works with the criminal defendants towards a common goal of treatment and rehabilitation, not punishment.

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Elon Law student Ernest LewisThe Danger of Silence

Ernest Lewis L'15

In this article, Lewis identifies and offers solutions to a crisis of identity within the legal profession.  Focusing on problems of burnout in the legal profession, Lewis concludes that clarity of vision, the construction of a community with open communication, and balance are all tools to combat the crisis.

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Elon Law student Shoshanna Silverberg"Holistic Thinking" in Support of the Integrative Law Movement

Shoshanna Silverberg L'15

In her note, Silverberg discusses her journey towards the legal profession, and introduces the reader to alternative ways of examining the practice of law.  Influenced by her own experiences and education, Silverberg advances ‘holistic thinking’ to support the integrative law movement.

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