New Student Orientation

Legal Construction & Analysis

Welcome!  As you begin to prepare yourselves for this wonderful endeavor, many of you have requested access to your syllabi and reading assignments before the official start of the semester. The first  assignments for Legal Construction and Analysis are listed below. You should be receiving your syllabus via e-mail within the next week or so. If you’d like a copy sooner, please contact me and I’d be happy to send it to you.  I’m looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks. Enjoy your summer!

-Professor Barilla

Michael Hunter Schwartz, Expert Learning for Law Students – Chapter 2 for orientation week, and Chapter 4 and pages 35-41 for the first week of class

Dernback, Singleton, Wharton, Ruhtenberg, and Wasson, A Practical Guide to Legal Writing and Legal Method, pages 3-22  for orientation week

(NOTE: If this is not the text book for your Legal Method course, do not purchase it. I have copies of these pages for you. E-mail me a request and we will get them to you.)