Tuition Refund Policies

Tuition and fees are refunded as follows:

Students will receive refunds on a pro rata basis during the first eight weeks of the semester. Following is a table of pro rata charges:

1st week: pro rata charge 10%
2nd week: pro rata charge 20%
3rd week: pro rata charge 40%
4th week: pro rata charge 60%
5th week through 8th week: pro rata charge 75%
9th week: No Refund

In order to be eligible for a refund upon withdrawal a student must meet with the Associate Director of Student and Professional Life regarding his/her intentions. The student must also check out with the Financial Planning and Bursar’s Offices. The effective date of withdrawal is determined by the law school and refunds are calculated as of the date of withdrawal.

Unpaid charges owed by the student will be deducted from the calculated refund. The acceptance deposit is nonrefundable.  Medical withdrawals will be handled on a case-by-case basis.