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Where is Belk Library?
Carol Grotnes Belk Library is located at 308 North O’Kelly Avenue on the Elon University campus in Elon, North Carolina.  The phone number is (336) 278-6599.  Parking is provided for visitors and designated students, faculty and staff.

Directions to Belk Library
Take Interstate 85/40 to Exit 140 (University Drive).
From southbound 85/40, exit right and turn right.
From northbound 85/40, exit right and turn left.
At the first stoplight (shopping center entrance), turn right onto St. Mark's Church Road.
Follow this road for 2.6 miles. Note that the road's name changes to Williamson Avenue after you cross S. Church Street. You will cross railroad tracks as you enter the campus area.
Turn right at the stoplight on Haggard Avenue.
Turn left at the stoplight on N. O'Kelly Avenue.
Take the first right into the Visitors Parking Lot at McMichael Science Center.  Visitor spaces are on the left.
                Belk Library is across the street.
Click on the link for Carol Grotnes Belk Library on the Campus Map
to locate Belk Library.

How can I contact the Library?
General reference questions, call (336) 278-6599.
Circulation questions, call (336) 278-6600.
A specific department or library staff member, see Library Staff.
Email AskUs.

Send mail to:
Carol Grotnes Belk Library
Elon University
2550 Campus Box
Elon, NC  27244

What hours is the Library open?
Library hours vary depending on the semester or time of year.  Please see Library hours.

How do I know where Library materials are located?
See the Library floorplans.

Do you have a lost and found?
Yes.  Please ask about lost and found items at the Library Service Desk. Phoenix cards are kept for 1 week and then returned to the owner via campus mail. Other items, such as coats, text books and umbrellas, are retained in the library for 1 week and then taken to the campus lost and found at the Moseley Center Front Desk.

Can I put money on my Phoenix Card in the Library?
Yes.  A Value Transfer Station (VTS) is available in the first floor copy room.  You can check your current Phoenix Cash account balance or deposit to your Phoenix or Guest Card using $1's, $5's, $10's, or $20's. This deposit immediately posts to your account.

Do you have a fax machine?
We do not have a fax machine for public use.  Public fax machines are available in the Campus Shop and at the Mail Room in Moseley Center.

Can I suggest materials for the Library to purchase?
Please use our Library Materials Suggestion Form. Or see one of our Library liaisons for more assistance with specific resources.

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How do I find a book or other materials in the Library?
Search Belk Catalog for all resources in Belk Library, including books, ebooks, audiobooks, periodicals, music CDs, music scores, videorecordings and computer software.

You can search Belk Catalog by:

  • Author– find resources by a specific writer; last name first
  • Title– find resources by title
  • Keyword– find resources by any word(s) or phrase you choose
  • Subject– find resources by precise subject headings

Belk Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Each item is labeled with a unique call number.  Use the call number to locate the item in the collection.

How long can I check out books and other Library materials?
Checkout periods for Belk books and other materials for students with a valid Phoenix Card:

 Audiobooks30 days 1 renewal
 Books30 days 3 renewals
 CDs30 days 3 renewals
 DVDs7 days 3 renewals
 Kindle e-readers14 days 0 renewals
 Music scores3 days 2 renewals
 VHS tapes30 days 3 renewals
 Headphones Library use only  

What if the book is not on the shelf?
Check Belk Catalog to see if the book is currently checked out by someone else or if the book’s location is not where you were looking.  If you still cannot find it, please come by the Library Service Desk and a librarian will be glad to help you find it.

What  is the Dewey Decimal System and how does it work?
The Dewey Decimal System uses Arabic and decimal numbers to classify library books and other materials and assign call numbers to them.  There are ten main classes in the Dewey Decimal System and each covers a broad field of human knowledge.  Each main class is further subdivided, from general to specific topics.

What does non-circulating mean?
Non-circulating items cannot be checked out of the Library.  These might be magazines, newspapers, journals, reference books, reserve books, or resources in Belk Archives.

What if the Library doesn’t have the books/magazines I need?Be sure to check Belk Catalog or Journal Finder to determine if Belk Library has the resources you need.  If Belk Library does not own the books or periodicals you need, you are invited to use the Interlibrary Loan service and request items from other libraries.  You do not need to designate a library.

You must be a member of the Elon University community to use this service.

What is Interlibrary Loan?
The Interlibrary Loan service is for requesting library materials from other libraries when these materials are not available at Belk Library.  You do not need to designate a library.

You must be a member of the Elon University community to use this service.


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How do I renew my Library materials and can I renew online?
Library materials can be renewed online, by phone or in person.
     To renew online, go to My Library Account.
     To renew by phone, call us at (336) 278-6600.
     Or stop by the Service Desk in Belk Library.
Overdue materials cannot be renewed online.

Is there a limit to the number of items you can check out?
We do not limit the number of items that students, faculty and staff can check out from Belk Library.  Spouses and dependents of Elon faculty and staff and Friends of the Library are limited to a maximum of 25 items checked out at one time.

Do you charge fines/fees for late materials?
We do not charge fines for late returns of materials.  Patrons will receive a courtesy notice before an item is overdue. Items not returned after 3 notices have been sent incur a $50 replacement fee in addition to a $10 non-refundable billing fee for each item.

What happens if I lose a book?
The replacement cost for lost items is $60.00 per item.  ($50 replacement cost, and a $10 non-refundable billing fee.)  If the item is returned within one semester, the borrower will receive a $50 credit on their Bursar account.  Refunds will not be issued after graduation.
Lost items that belong to other libraries will be charged at the rate of the lending library.

How do I find out what materials I have checked out?
Click on My Library Acount in the Belk Catalog.  Enter your name and the Library ID from the back of your Phoenix Card.  Library cards for Friends of the Library also contain an ID number.

Where do I return Library materials?
You can return materials inside Belk Library when we are open or use the drop box located at the end of the colonnade near the Moseley Center.

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Can I check out magazines?
No, Belk Library periodicals do not circulate.  But many individual articles are available electronically for you to read online.  Check Journal Finder for individual periodical titles.

What is Journal Finder?
Journal Finder lets
you determine if the Library provides full text electronic or print access to articles from magazines, journals, newspapers and other periodicals.Search Journal Finder with the title of the periodical and you will be directed to the online database for full text access if available or to the Belk Catalog for information on how to find the periodical in print.

Is Journal Finder good for finding individual articles?
No.  Journal Finder only points you to the online database to find the articles.  Go to the subject list of online databases and then choose a database based on your subject area to search for articles on your topic.

What  is a periodical?
This is a publication that is published on a regular basis or “periodically.”  Examples are magazines, newspapers, journals, and newsletters.

Do you have a list of journals on specific topics?
Yes.  You can access a list of Journals by subject. Ask Us if you require more assistance.

Some online articles/journals require user names and passwords.  What do I do?
Some databases have licensing restrictions and require a user name and password.  Please stop by or call the Library Service Desk at (336) 278-6599 or Ask Us for more assistance.

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Can someone help me with research?
We are happy to assist you with your research requests at Belk Library.  For short reference questions like "What is the longest river in the world," you can request assistance at Ask Us or come by the Library Service Desk in Belk.  For more detailed research questions, we provide individually scheduled appointments to members of the Elon University community for one-on-one assistance in getting started with a research project.


What does it mean when a book is on reserve?
Reserve materials are put on reserve by a professor so that they will be easily accessible for their students in particular classes.  Reserve items can be found either in Belk Library at the Service Desk or on the professor's course site in Moodle.
More about Reserves

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How do I get to electronic databases from off-campus?
To access the Library's databases from off-campus, follow these directions. This service is only available to Elon University students, faculty, and staff.

Can I use my wireless laptop in Belk Library?
Yes. Users with a valid Elon username and password can connect to Elon's network. Visit the Technology wiki for step-by-step directions to connect to the wireless network. Sponsored guests of university faculty and staff can also gain access to the wireless network. Visit the Technology wiki for information on the procedure for requesting access.

Can I print from my laptop in the Library?
Yes.  See Elon Print Management for information on installing campus printers to your personal computer.

What software is available on computers in Belk Library?
Instructional and Campus Technologies provides a complete list of software available in campus labs, including Belk Library.  Check here by software title.

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How much does it cost to print in the Library?
For Elon Students:
See the Print Charges and Limits FAQs. Black and white duplex print jobs that are 6 pages or less are free.

What is the Pharos Station?
The Pharos Station is attached to each printer.  You will need a valid Phoenix Card to release your job to the printer.  Swipe your card, select your named job and select Print.
For more information, see Print Management System.

Do you have a photocopier?
Yes.  Photocopiers are available in the copy rooms on the first and second floors.  A valid Phoenix card with Phoenix cash loaded is required to make copies. 

A Value Transfer Station (VTS) is available in the first floor copy room and can be used to deposit a minimum of $1.  Photocopies are 10 cents each for both black and white and for color copies.

Do you have color copiers and color printers?
Yes. All of our copiers print in color.

The color printer is located on the first floor of the Library outside of the computer lab (Room 113).

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You are a guest
The Carol Grotnes Belk Library supports the Elon University community of learners in intellectual, scholarly, and artistic          endeavors in an atmosphere of open and honest inquiry which reflects the traditions, beliefs, and spiritual values of Elon University.  Guests of the library (library users who are not Elon University students, faculty, or staff) are welcome to use the library during designated hours and in accordance with library policies.  In order to maximize the resources of the library for Elon students, faculty, and staff, library guests may be asked to leave the library during periods of high-use.  During these periods, all study spaces, computers, and seats are reserved for Elon University affiliated users.  Because Belk Library is a place for research and study, all guests of the library are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times.  As an independent institution, Elon University reserves the right to respectfully ask all community guests to vacate Belk Library who are in violation of library policies.

Policy on usage of public computer
Belk Library provides computers in support of the academic mission of Elon University and as a courtesy to members of the surrounding community.  Library patrons are expected to use computer resources responsibly, ethically, and in compliance with relevant laws and any contractual agreements that Belk Library has entered into to provide such resources.  Community guests who are 16 years old or older must register to use a computer by presenting a government-issued photo identification card such as a driver’s license or state issued identification card which verifies date of birth.  Community guests may use the computers on the first floor.  Computer use by community guests is limited to two hours.  The computing resources available in Belk Library encompass a vast network of resources provided by the University and by outside service providers.  The Library cannot guarantee all resources will be available at all times.

Priority usage
Priority use of Belk Library’s public computers, resources, and facilities is as follows:  1) Elon students, faculty, and staff, 2) members of the Friends of the Library of Elon University, 3) community guests.  In times of peak demand, educational use by Elon University students, faculty, and staff takes priority and community guests may be asked to limit the amount of time that they use a computer or other library resources.

Inappropriate Material
Belk Library provides complete, non-filtered access to the Internet.  All users must follow Elon University’s Acceptable Usage Policy when using the computers.  Any community user observed searching inappropriate websites including, but not limited to, pornographic sites and chat rooms, will be asked to leave and guest computing privileges may be suspended.

Community guests are not able to print, but may email content to their email account or save content to their own personal portable device such as a flash drive or CD. 

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied to the library by an adult and may not be left in the library unattended for any period of time.  No child under the age of 16 may use a computer unless the parent or legal guardian obtains a guest password and remains seated with the child.

Checking out materials
Community members may check out library materials if they join the Friends of the Library of Elon University or if they are a participant in the Triad Academic Library Association (TALA) reciprocal agreement.  Additional information is available here:


Activities that disrupt library operations or the use of library resources or create an offensive environment will not be tolerated.
Offending individuals will be asked to cease their disruptive behavior.  If they do not comply, they will be required by the Library or the Elon University Campus Safety and Police Department to leave the library.

Belk Library provides an environment that supports the learning and research needs of both individuals and small groups.  It is the responsibility of all users of Belk Library to select an area that best fits the activities they wish to pursue so that they will not create noise that is disruptive to others. Within Belk Library, areas of study are designated as follows:

Silent Study: The entire third floor of Belk Library is to be considered a Silent Study area.  No talking is permitted.

Quiet Study: The entire second floor of Belk Library is to be considered a Quiet Study area.  Small group work with the appropriate level of conversation is permitted.

Limited Talking: Talking in normal conversational tones is permitted for group work and allows users and library staff to conduct normal library business. Limited Talking includes the entire first floor of Belk Library.

In order to maintain a pleasant and clean environment for library users and staff, we ask that you act responsibly when eating and drinking in the library.

Tobacco products
Smoking and the use of tobacco products are not allowed in Belk Library.

Because no policy can address all potential circumstances, the library staff reserves the right to address issues on a case by case basis including, but not limited to, disruptive behavior, requests for privileges, and use of facilities.

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 Satellite Shelving Facility - Requesting Items

If an item in the catalog specifies satellite shelving, use the request button to request the item. You will be notified by email when your item is ready for checkout in Belk Library.

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I am not an Elon student.  Can I use the Library?
You are welcome at Belk Library!  The Library may be used by Elon students, faculty, staff, and the general public.  Minors under the age of 18 may use the Library under certain conditions.  Please see Use of Belk Library by Minors.

Priority of computer use is as follows:

  1. Elon students, faculty and staff
  2. members of the Friends of the Library of Elon University
  3. members of the general public.

During busy times community users may be unable to use the computers.  Please see Community use policy.

Can I check out Library books if I’m not an Elon student?
Members of the community may borrow books, CDs, and audiobooks by becoming a Friend of the Library.  A librarian at the Service Desk can assist you with the process.  The membership fee is $25 per year.

See Community Borrowing Privileges.

I am from another area university or college.   Can I borrow from Belk Library?
Students and staff from the following institutions will be issued a borrowing card for use at Belk Library: ACC, UNCG, NC A&T, Bennett, High Point, Guilford College, Guilford Tech, Greensboro College, Forsyth Tech, Winston-Salem State, Wake Forest, and Salem. Initially, you may check out up to 4 books at a time, and on subsequent visits you may borrow up to 25 books. The check out period is 30 days. Borrowing privileges are suspended if any materials are overdue or if you owe any fees. Borrowers may not check out reserve materials, periodicals, VHS or DVDs. Interlibrary loans must be placed at your home institution. Please read through our Community Borrowing Privileges for further information.


Suggest a Frequently Asked Question
Is there a question that you frequently have that you’d like to see added to our Frequently Asked Questions list?  Let us know by sending that request to Ask Us.

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