Elon responds to the H1N1 flu virus

Resources for Groceries, Medications and Supplies

Students who have purchased meal plans will be able to pick up meals from ARAMARK Dining Services. Off-campus students or others may need help in securing groceries or medications which may help in their recuperation. The following is a list of resources for students who are ill and are self-isolating. These resources allow you to place orders for medications, medical supplies, groceries etc., pre-pay for your order with a credit card, and have a friend or roommate pick your order up for you. Some pharmacies also offer delivery services as are indicated.

Groceries, OTC Medicines, Household products etc.

Sick students or their parents can place the order for groceries and health/beauty items, pay for them on line and have a friend, roommate or “flu Buddy” pick the pre-paid order up for them. There is a processing fee and some restrictions so, please read the information carefully. See the store web-sites for creating an account and placing an order:

Harris Teeter offers on-line shopping at: http://www.harristeeter.com/shopping/express_lane/express_lane.aspx

Lowe’s Foods to Go: Shoppes at Waterford offers on-line shopping at: http://www.lowesfoodstogo.com/

Students should ask a friend, roommate or “flu buddy” to pick up the order if possible. If a student needs assistance to pick up their pre-paid order, call The Office of Student Development at (336) 278-7200 during normal business hours or afterhours/weekends at Campus Safety and Police at (336) 278-5555 and ask to speak to the Administrator on Call.

Prescription Medications, Non- Prescription Medications and Medical Supplies

The following pharmacies will deliver prescription and non- prescription medications and supplies. Please contact them directly to arrange for purchase and delivery.

Asher McAdams 226-1619 M-F: 8:30-6:30 Sat: 9-1
Will deliver non prescription meds & supplies

Gibsonville Pharmacy 449-5501 M-F: 9-6 Sat: 9-1
Will Deliver non prescription meds & supplies ($10.00 minimum order)

Edgewood Pharmacy 584-8878 M-F: 9-6 Sat: 9-1
Will deliver non prescription meds & supplies

Glen Raven Pharmacy 584-3736 M-F: 9-6 Sat: 9-1
Will deliver non prescription meds & supplies