Level of Academic Challenge Benchmark Items

  • Number of assigned textbooks, books or book-length packs of course readings
  • Number of written papers or reports of 20 pages or more
  • Number of written papers or reports of between 5 and 19 pages
  • Number of written papers or reports of fewer than 5 pages
  • Coursework emphasizes: Analyzing the basic elements of an idea, experience or theory
  • Coursework emphasizes: Synthesizing and organizing ideas, information or experiences into new, more complex interpretations and relationships
  • Coursework emphasizes: Making judgments about the value of information, arguments or methods
  • Coursework emphasizes: Applying theories or concepts to practical problems or in new situations
  • Worked harder than you thought you could to meet an instructor's standards or expectations
  • Campus environment emphasizes spending significant amounts of time studying and on academic work
  • Prepared for class 21 or more hours per week

Academic challenge graphic